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Christian Fellowship International Ministries

Christian Fellowship International Ministries (CFIM) is an organization designed to support, help enhance, and compliment pastors, ministries, and churches. CFIM is not a denomination, but exists to help others of many different denominations. The goal is to create, develop, and maintain excellence in ministry in a manner that glorifies GOD. CFIM was founded and established on July 4th 2005 by its current overseer, Bishop Porter Perry.



What are the benefits of Christian Fellowship Ministries

  • Credibility through association
  • Covenant networking
  • Ordination certification
  • Partnership
  • Insights on excellence in ministry
  • Mentoring

Requirements to Join

  • Must be a licensed or ordained minister
  • Must be a pastor or have an independent ministry
  • Must be willing to serve
  • Must be willing to submit to counseling if need be


Mission Statement

The mission of CFIM is to establish a fellowship of pastors, churches and ministries to help each member fulfill the call of GOD on their lives through teaching the word of GOD and by providing an example of righteousness and integrity, therefore encouraging each member to maximize their GOD given ability in a manner that is pleasing to GOD through Christian services, meetings, conferences, counseling etc.

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